About Us

About Us


A letter from Bill Doyle, Jr., President of Diamond Mowers:

The Diamond Mowers family has been innovators in this industry for over 40 years. My father, Bill Sr., founded Tiger Mowers™ in 1969, and after selling his stake, my father, my brother, Tom, and I built one of the most successful Tiger dealerships in the nation.

We formed Diamond Mowers in 2000 with the promise to manufacture higher-quality products and to deliver superior customer service. Drawing on my father’s wisdom, we have taken the mower manufacturing process to a new level of innovative design and engineering. For example, bending high-quality steel rather than simply welding flat pieces together resulted in a significant improvement in mower design and durability.

We are not an assembly shop like our competitors. We design and manufacture our products, from the smallest parts to the largest. This strategy allows us to control quality at every step of the process. From the beginning, we have never wavered in our efforts to continually improve our products.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our 3-day parts shipping guarantee are unprecedented in this industry. At Diamond Mowers, your parts will ship within 3 days — or your parts and the shipping are free. Many companies talk about their customer service — we guarantee it.

The sign in our assembly shop reads, “There is only one boss...the customer, and they can fire everybody by spending their money somewhere else.” This quote by Sam Walton exemplifies how we operate and conduct our business at Diamond Mowers.

Bill Doyle, Jr.