Wheel Loader Boom Mowers


Making the most out of everything you have is what we do at Diamond. We find smart ways to get a job done right by enhancing the resources you already own. At Diamond Mowers, we have a long history of powerful, Made-In-The-USA innovations and augmentations. Our Wheel Loader Boom is the perfect example of a powerful addition to your toolbox.

Demand Smart. Demand Diamond.

Wheel Loader Boom Features:

• Attaches to 25,000 lb. and larger loaders

• Increases asset utilization and enhances budgets

• Available in 23 ft. and 25 ft. booms

• Fully self-contained with independent power, electrical and hydraulic systems

• Comes standard with joystick controls

• Elevated operator platform improves visibility

• Boom and loader reach combine to offer unmatched vertical capability

• Comes standard with hydraulic actuator

o Longer life compared to traditional horizontal swing cylinder

o Fully enclosed

o Fewer moving parts and easy to maintain

o Stronger than traditional pivot pin

o Break-away protection in both forward & reverse

o 180° range of motion versus 110° with traditional swing cylinder

Wheel Loader Available Mower Heads:

50" and 60" Rotary Mower Heads

• Cuts up to 8" diameter brush and trees

• Diamond exclusive Reinforcing Ring

• Proprietary Tri-Hex mulching disc provides greater inertia in tough conditions.

Our Tri-Hex disc is covered by an unprecedented 5-year warranty.

44" and 50" HD Flail Mower and 63" STD Flail Heads

• 44" and 50" HD cut up to 6" diameter grass/brush

• 63" STD cuts up to 2" diameter grass/brush

• Protective bonnet for safer operation

• Flail knives less likely to propel objects

48" Saw Head & Ditcher Attachment also available.


Download Diamond's Wheel Loader Boom Literature