WetBlade™ System




Control is good. Effective and easy control over unwanted vegetation is… Diamond Mowers. We offer a dynamic, innovative and remarkably efficient way to control unwanted vegetation and all of its associated hassles and headaches—The WetBlade System.

Diamond's WetBlade System is proprietary technology that combines the precision application of herbicide with the thorough cutting of vegetation. The primary difference between The WetBlade System and all other herbicide-applying and mowing products is “precision application.” Precision is not a word we throw around lightly (like others spray around herbicide). The precision application aspect of The WetBlade System is without equal or competition—we have simply revolutionized the process.


No leaching. No drift. No overspray. No escape.

The WetBlade System is highly refined in its method of herbicide application. We do not apply herbicide to the atmosphere, the surroundings or even into the ground—we precisely apply herbicide directly and specifically onto the freshly cut vegetation stem at the exact instant it’s cut. To protect themselves from further injury, plants begin to heal immediately when cut. This is why we built our system to ensure that the blade is constantly and completely wet with herbicide. The chemical is applied precisely at the time of cut for maximum effectiveness. The application of herbicide is so instantaneous that the vegetation is unable to seal or begin healing before chemical penetration sets in. Herbicide delivery is concentrated, precise and lethal. No leaching. No drift.
No chance for weeds!





The WetBlade System is simply the best herbicide applicator for controlling invasive species, creating healthy grasslands and green spaces and saving resources. We cut and treat in one precise and instantaneous flash. This system is enhanced far beyond anything on the market, period. Cutting. Killing. Controlling. The WetBlade is built far superior on all fronts. You’ll reduce labor hours due to decreased mowing passes and chemical applications. You’ll reduce wear and tear on equipment. And you’ll reduce budgetary worries with a substantially higher ROI versus traditional mowing, spraying and wasted processes. Ultimately, the WetBlade System achieves the high-value, time-smart and precision results you seek.

The WetBlade System - Emphasis on “System”

This level of technology requires a system approach. The WetBlade System is a complete, all-in-one unit. While other solutions are essentially spray bottles of herbicide and makeshift add-ons, we at Diamond see things quite a bit differently. The WetBlade System is available on Diamond 50" and 60" boom rotary mowers, 72" skid-steer mowers, 72" rear 3-point hitch rotary mowers, 12 ft. and 15 ft. PTO-driven flexwings, plus 15 ft. hydraulic-driven flexwing mowers.


We have great neighbors here in Sioux Falls. Raven is a fellow local company and our choice for the WetBlade System. Raven is the specialist in chemical application and we needed a special and proven system. Utilizing a low-flow method of chemical application, herbicide is applied in small and precise amounts to the blade. The flow is highly regulated and controlled, which eliminates overspray and waste.

Download: WetBlade System by Diamond