Rear PTO Flail Mowers

Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Rear PTO Flail Mowers are self-propelled, mechanically driven, rear mounted, which mow behind the tractors rear tires. 

Rear Flail Mowers come complete with all mounting hardware; ready to mount to tractor.

Heavy Duty Rear PTO Flail Mower

All purpose knives are 6 gauge thickness, 1-3/4″ wide x 4-5/8″ long.


(Heavy Duty Size / Mower Options all for 540 PTO)

  • 90″ Heavy Duty Rear Flail — Center  / Off-Set Mower
  • 102″ Heavy Duty Rear Flail — Center / Off-Set Mower

Standard Duty Rear PTO Flail Mower

Cutting shaft shall have your choice of all purpose, self cleaning, reversible knives, or smooth cut cutting knives.
All Purpose knives are 12 gauge (optional: 6 gauge) thick, 1-3/4″ wide x 3-1/4″ long
Smooth knives are 12 gauge thick, 2-7/8″ wide x 3-3/8″ long


  • 74″ Standard Rear Flail
  • 88″ Standard Rear Flail
  • 96″ Standard Rear Flail