Flexwing Mowers

Flex your mowing muscle and cut a large path with Diamond’s Flexwing Mower. Our Flexwing Mower is designed to easily mount to your tractor’s drawbar so you are ready to mow in minutes. With 10, 12 or 15 foot cutting widths, you’ll cut a larger area in just one pass.

Flexwing Mowers are self-propelled, PTO-driven pull-behind mowers that are typically used for mowing large areas. We also offer a hydraulically-driven option. 

The blades on our Flexwing Mowers are forged, and have 6-1/2″ overlap. The blades are 1/2″ x 4″ x 20″ 360° swinging, single-edged, brush or grass suction knives, attached to the dish with hexagonal blade bolts, castle nuts and roll pins.

The suspension consists of walking axles and springs for the center section, and single axles and springs for the deck wings. 


All options have laminated tires and our Tri-Hex Dishes with three blades.

• 12′ Flexwing // 540 PTO
• 10′ Flexwing // 1000 PTO
• 15′ Flexwing // 1000 PTO
• 10′ Hydraulic Flexwing // 1000 PTO
• 15′ Hydraulic Flexwing // 1000 PTO

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