Rail Razor


Overcome the obstacles of workforce safety and excessive expense that come with mowing around guardrails and signposts. The innovative, efficient and pretty darn ingenious Diamond Rail Razor is a must-have. Our newly re-designed Rail Razor is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Guardrail mower cuts around entire post

Mows up to an 8" x 10" post

Front-mount unit mows left or right-hand

Mows 18" on either side of post

Front-mount for tractors or quick disconnect version for skid-steer

Alternative to high labor and asset costs

  • Safer than a crew working on the side of the road



Diamond provides you with the ultimate alternative to weed-whacking and budget-busting. The Diamond Rail Razor is one of our sharpest, most innovative offerings ever.

No more road crews risking their lives to trim around guardrail posts and signs. Simply drive in a straight line parallel to the rail as the deck height self-adjusts to the terrain and automatically cycles around the post for minimal operator fatigue.

Mowing speed is approximately 1 mph. (How many miles can you weed-whack in an hour?) This is an innovation that makes sense at every turn.


Rail Razor Features:

Low hydraulic requirements allow you to run it off of many tractor or skid-steer systems

Replaceable rub pads protect both the post and the mower

Self-adjusting ROSTA belt tensioners

Cost-effective, easy-to-maintain blades

• Blades provide exceptional loft for a clean cut

• Gentle enough to mow around signposts without damage

Rail Razor Specs:

Mows around up to 8" x 10" posts

Guardrail must be at least 16" from the ground with a 3" cut height

Angular adjustment from -9° to +77° side-to-side and +28° to -16° front-to-back

Requires 15 GPM from the tractor’s remotes and 15 GPM of auxilliary flow on skid-steer

Cutting head weighs 450 lbs.

Posts must be spaced at least 6 ft. center to center

36" wide cut, unexpanded

Mows 18" on both sides of the post

Cut height from 3" up to customer’s preference

Tractor centerline is 79" from the guardrail when mowing

Automatically cycles around posts

• Guage wheels follow the terrain




Download: Diamond's Rail Razor information here