Side Mount Rotary Mowers

Slicing through the toughest jobs. Available in both 60 and 72 inch cutting widths, Diamond's side-mount rotary mowers are self-propelled, hydraulically driven and mow forward and right of the right rear tire.

The unit comes complete with all mounting hardware:  tank, hoses, and the rotary head -- ready to mount to the tractor.

The cutting assembly is a 30.5″ solid, one-inch thick steel dish with three (3) 360 degree; swinging, single-edged, brush or grass suction knives attached to the dish.

Side Rotary requires 2 spool valves or 2 hydraulic remotes.

Blade Sizes:

60″ Side Rotary Mower: 12” x 4″ x 20″
72″ Side Rotary Mower: 12” x 4″ x 26″


  • 60″ Side Rotary Mower with Cable Lift
  • 60″ / 72″ Side Rotary Mower with Combo Lift — Required on 4 WD tractors

Download Side & Twin Rotary Literature