3-Point Hitch Boom Mowers

Raising The Boom

    Diamond's 3-Point Hitch Booms are built to clean overgrowth from fence lines, cut back overhead trees, handle CRP and terraces, ditches, waterways and more.

      The mower shells are constructed of 100,000 psi steel housing - rating nearly 3x stronger than standard A36 steel.

      Available Mower Heads:

       40" and 50" Rotary Heads
       - Cuts up to 8" diameter brush/trees

       42" and 44" Flail Head
       - Cuts up to 2" diameter grass/brush


      3-Point Hitch Boom Specs


      3-Point Hitch Boom Mowers Brochure
      3-Point Hitch Boom Mowers Brochure