Rear Swing Flail Mowers

Goes places and in conditions where a tractor and rotary system shouldn't - or simply can't.

Diamond's Rear Swing Flail is ideal for road and irrigation ditch maintenance. Excelling in brush, rocks and debris where build-up occurs, like old fence lines, the Rear Swing Flail reaches and trims back roadside brush by utilizing a 90 degree vertical cut feature. 

Rear Swing Flail Features:

 - Ability to swing out past the rear tire on most tractors
 - Mows at a 50 degree down angle
 - Mows at a 90 degree vertical angle
 - Provides a finished cut in hard-to-reach places with side shift and drop
 - Ability to run in standard or reverse rotation to match cutting conditions


 Rear Swing Flail Mowers Brochure