Wheel Loader Boom Mowers

A Powerful Addition.

Wheel Loader Boom Mower

Wheel Loader Boom Features:
 - Attaches to loads 25,000 lbs. and larger
 - Increases asset utilization and enhances budgets
 - Available in 23-ft. and 25-ft. booms
 - Fully self-contained with independent power, electrical and hydraulic systems
 - Comes standard with actuator and joystick
 - Elevated operator platform improves visibility
 - Boom and loader reach combined to offer unmatched vertical capability


50” and 60” Rotary Heads

- Cuts up to 8” diameter brush and trees
- Diamond’s exclusive Reinforcing Ring for longer life in heavy duty brush
- Proprietary Tri-Hex mulching disc provides greater inertia in tough conditions
(Covered by an unprecedented 5-year warranty)

(Covered by an unprecedented 5-year warranty)

44”, 50” and 63” Flail Heads
 - 44” and 50” cuts up to 6” diameter grass/brush
 - 63” cuts up to 2” diameter grass/brush
 - Protective bonnet for safer operation
 - Ideal when a finished cut is desired



Ditcher Attachment
 - Ideal for ditches and culverts
 - Equipped with hydraulic chute to direct exhausted material


48” Saw Head
 - Delivers clean, finished cut
 - Stand-alone head or saw blade can be used with a 50” rotary head
 - Replaceable Carbide teeth

36” Forestry Head
 - Cuts up to 18” diameter
 - Very fast production (up to 10x faster than a rotary head)
 - Cuts with both the perimeter and bottom surface
 - Ability to mulch material
 - Highly efficient, hardened steel, replaceable teeth


Available in 23 and 25 ft. booms, Diamond's new Loader Powered Wheel Loader Boom has no additional engine to maintain. Easily converted in 10 minutes or less in the field, you can trim tree branches, cut brush and grass and do it all from either the left or right-hand side.

Wheel Loader Requirements:

  • Attaches to 25,000 lb. and larger loaders
  • 40-50 GPM auxiliary flow
  • 3,000+ auxiliary pressure
  • Hydrostatic Transmission


Wheel Loader Boom Mowers brochure

Wheel Loader Boom Mower Brochure