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IBC - Boom Mower Controls

Integrated Boom Control System

Meet the Diamond Integrated Boom Control system, equipped on all mid-mount booms.

The IBC system was created to give the operator single hand control, enhanced safety features, and an optional industry-leading Smart Screen – making this boom control system more capable than ever.

Skid-Steer 48" Forestry Disc Mulcher

Skid-Steer 48″ Forestry Disc Mulcher

A mulching solution for mid-sized skid-steers and track loaders.

STRONG enough for the biggest heaviest track loaders out there.

LIGHT enough to be safely lifted by smaller mid-sized skid-steers.

Mulching Teeth Options

3 Tooth Options Available!

Looking for mulching teeth options?

Whether it’s your work environment or your operator preference, Diamond offers a variety of tooth options to ensure you have the right tool for every situation.