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Utility and Flexibility

Innovative drum design provides maximum productivity with open drum flexibility.


SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X


SK Drum Mulcher Pro X


The OD Pro X is ideal for tackling mulching or brush clearing with power and precision.

  • Maintaining agricultural property
  • Converting land for agricultural use
  • Land clearing for real estate
  • Infrastructure development
  • Seismic exploration
SK Drum Mulcher Pro X


Efficient solution for cutting back and processing unwanted over or undergrowth.

  • Mitigate spread of invasive species
  • Preserve valuable land
  • Habitat restoration and maintenance
SK Drum Mulcher Pro X


Essential to municipal and roadside maintenance, which requires contractors to process varying types of vegetation.

  • Right of way clearing
  • Fire prevention
  • Utility line land clearing
  • Waterway clearing and maintenance

Bars signify how well this attachment clears each type of vegetation






SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X - After
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SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X Specs

Get to know the equipment

Optimized Infeed

Efficiently processes material up to 9″ in diameter.

  • Effectively processes material while producing a finer mulch
  • Directional rake tines disrupt material flow, deflecting vegetation back to the rotor and shredding chamber for smaller mulch after the first pass.
  • Optimum shredding performed in the drum chamber reduces the need for back-dragging

SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X Processing Chamber

SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X

Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth

Tough enough to tackle rough, rocky terrain and ground engagement with no sharpening required.

TWIN MAUL® CARBIDE TEETH have a tooth life 3-to-5 times longer than steel, and require no sharpening. Designed to withstand abrasion and ground contact, our virgin, domestically-sourced carbide is the finest available. Ideal for rocky terrain and high fire-danger areas.

Carbide teeth are ideal for:

  • Rocky terrain
  • Ground contact
  • Rental fleets
  • Fire-danger areas
  • Less maintenance

Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth come standard – Four-Point Hardened Steel Teeth and Twin Chisel® Planer Teeth available.

Drum Mulcher OD Carbide Teeth

SK Drum Mulcher - Severe Duty Bearing

SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X Motor

Power and torque when you need it most.

The motor is protected from impact and debris within the low profile frame for maximum operator visibility and productivity.

SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X Push Bar

Push and clear brush for quick and precise work.

Extended side plates with serrations allow for easy manipulation of trees and brush.

Mulching Tooth Options for the SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X

Make the most of your investment by choosing the right teeth for your skid-steer mulching applications. Diamond Mowers offers three teeth options for maximum performance and productivity. The SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X comes standard with Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth. Mix and match our teeth options to your unique jobs and operating environments.

TWIN MAUL® CARBIDE TEETH last three to five times longer than traditional steel options and have no need for sharpening. These abrasion-resistant teeth feature the best virgin carbide for superior performance.

Choose these when you:
– Have extensive ground contact
– Work in rocky environments
– Want less maintenance
– Manage a rental fleet
– Work in high-risk fire environments

TWIN CHISEL® PLANER TEETH offer a combination of easy upkeep and high output. Manufactured with hardened steel, this exclusive design helps you stay productive with quick access to the cutting edge for speedy sharpening. Fast and easy rotation also extends the life of your teeth.

Use these for:
– Soft-soil work
– Simple and quick maintenance
– Irregular ground contact
– High productivity

FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH let you slice your way to higher productivity with a powerful design that cuts more material at once. Teeth rotations and sharpening extend their useful life and boost efficiency and performance.

Ideal for:
– Limited ground contact
– Work on high-volume projects
– A finer-mulch result
– Work in environments with softer soils

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      Skid-Steer Attachment Compatibility

      Diamond Mowers skid-steer attachments are compatible with most skid-steer brands, so many of our customers can use their existing machines to get the job done. Compatible skid loader brands include but are not limited to: John Deere | Bobcat | Kubota | Caterpillar | Gehl | ASV
      Our rotary mowers can accommodate most standard and high-flow skid loaders (16-46 GPM).
      For more information about product compatibility, please contact our skid-steer specialists.
      Minimum ½” thick polycarbonate operator protection required. Some applications may require additional protection.

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