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Jerrod Allen

Jerrod Allen, Owner-Operator of Allen’s Land Services LLC, shares his experience with Diamond Mowers’ Excavator Forestry Disc Mulcher and how it has impacted his business.

Jerrod operates Allen’s Land Services LLC out of Big Sandy, TN which he started in 2017. They offer a variety of contractor services and specifically use the Excavator Forestry Disc Mulcher for mulching and field edging.

“I use the 48” Excavator Forestry Disc Mulcher for cutting back field edges and mulching areas too steep or out of reach for a compact track loader with a mulcher attachment.”

This is the first Diamond attachment Jerrod has owned, which he primarily uses for mulching overgrown smaller oaks, cedars, sweet gums, and poplar trees.

Jerrod has been impressed with Diamond customer service from the beginning. Before purchasing the attachment, he contacted Diamond, and was provided with all the information needed in advance for the planning and purchase of his Excavator Forestry Disc Mulcher.

“I would highly recommend Diamond to others. They have great customer service and superior attachments.”

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