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USA-made land maintenance equipment ready to help you clear land, reclaim property, and grow your business.

We are here to support you with skid-steer and excavator attachments that will help you tackle land maintenance jobs.


Disc Mulcher

A Disc Mulcher is ideal for large rural mulching and brush management applications. It affords the ability to mulch in one of the quickest and most efficient ways.
  • Excels at thoroughly processing trees and brush
  • Cuts up to 14″ – with continuous mulch on material 6″ or less
  • Ability to grind stumps 1-2″ below ground level
  • Best suited for rural applications – material can travel a great distance
  • Comes standard with Four-Point Hardened Steel Teeth that act like an axe to slice through material – along with the flexibility to add carbide teeth to the underside of the disc
  • Multiple hydraulic motor options – Gear Motor and P125 (Piston Motor 125CC)

Drum Mulcher

A drum mulcher is meant for reclamation. It offers a finer mulch, a finished look, and fewer risks.
  • Excels at thoroughly processing trees and brush
  • Mulches material up to 9″ in diameter
  • Produces instant mulch with a small chip size – for a finished look
  • Ability to grind stumps 1-2″ below ground level
  • Three different teeth options – Four-Point Hardened Steel, Carbide, and Planer – to best suit your environment and improve productivity
  • Two-speed Variable Displacement Motor
  • Available in Depth-Control and Open Drum styles

Watch How You Can Reclaim, Maintain, and Enhance Your Land


Contractors face a wide range of challenges on jobs – from land clearing and managing invasive species to fence line maintenance. Below are a few ways our equipment can help you grow your business:


Take back property from overgrowth and clear land.

Ideal for reclamation and work involving heavy brush and trees, our Disc and Drum Mulchers save tremendous time over manual labor.

Ideal solution for:

  • Land clearing
  • Invasive species
  • Removal of ladder fuels and woody brush for fire mitigation
  • Shooting lanes
  • Trail creation
Tree Rows Before and After

Recurring Business

Grow your business and keep long-term clients by helping them stay ahead of growth!

Providing optimal small tree, brush, and grass-cutting capabilities, our Brush Cutters give you the ability to maintain property with lower operating costs.

Ideal solution for:

  • Fence lines
  • Landscaping
  • Overgrowth
  • Trail maintenance
Skid-Steer Rotary Mower

Stump Grinding

Do you need to clear tree stumps around a home or across land?

  • The Miller Stump Grinder is ideal for operating in both urban and rural environments – such as near a home or at a farm
  • Ability to grind any size stump below ground level
  • Features a 6-way grinding wheel with swing, lift, and telescoping features
  • Joystick control allows operator to process a stumps with minimal impact on the surrounding turf, making it an ideal choice for arborists and contractors alike
Miller Stump Grinder Attachment After



  • Standard flow or high-flow options
    • (23 – 45 GPM)
  • Available in 60″ and 72″ cutting widths
  • Comes standard with Twin Chisel Planer Teeth


  • High-flow hydraulic machines only
    • (16 – 46 GPM)
  • Available in 60″ and 72″ cutting widths
  • Comes standard with Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth

EX Drum Mulcher DC Pro X

SK Disc Mulcher BELT DRIVE Pro X

  • Available in 60″ cutting width
  • Cuts up to 14″ diameter trees or brush
  • High-flow hydraulic machines only (32-50 GPM)
  • ~13-second spool up time

SK Disc Mulcher Pro X


  • Standard flow or high-flow options
    • (16 – 46 GPM)
  • Available in 60″72″ and 84″ cutting widths

SK Miller Stump Grinder

  • High-flow hydraulic machines
    • (29 – 45 GPM)
  • Available in 26″ wheel diameter
  • Equipped with carbide teeth

Skid-Steer Attachment Compatibility

Diamond Mowers’ skid-steer and excavator attachments are compatible with most brands, so many of our customers can use their existing machines to get the job done.

Compatible skid loader and excavator brands include but are not limited to:
John Deere | Bobcat | Kubota | Caterpillar | Gehl | ASV | Case | New Holland | Takeuchi

Minimum ½” thick polycarbonate operator protection required. Some applications may require additional protection.

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