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Skid Steer Forestry Disc Breakdown

Fundamental Components


  • Machined from special, one-inch thick steel with a very tight flatness critical for smooth operation.
  • The flywheel effect of the disc allows the mulcher to release stored energy when needed.


  • Sharp teeth made of steel to cut or slice the wood apart.
  • More productive than hammers, hardened steel teeth leave a finer mulch when the job is done.


  • The central, most critical component holding everything together.
  • The spindle transfers the torque and power from the hydraulic motor and, at the same time, absorbs all of the stressing coming into the attachment from the disc.


  • Conscientious design to manage effective material flows through the mulching chamber.
  • High strength and low weight are critical, as well as a keen center of gravity to amplify the weight’s impact on stability.

Choose the motor that best fits your machine - and your wallet.

Hydraulic motors turn the hydraulic power into kinetic energy – ultimately powering the teeth through the wood, turning trees into chips.

Learn more HERE or contact our skid-steer specialists today to help decide which hydraulic motor will match your machine and mulching application best.

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SK Disc Mulcher Pro X


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