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Finer Mulch. Finished Look. Fewer Risks. Our Drum Mulcher is here to help clear trees and brush with ease while providing incredible control.



Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher

Bars signify how well this attachment clears each type of vegetation







Mulches up to 9″ (229mm) diameter trees or brush

Cut Width

Available in 60″ (1524mm) and  72″ (1829mm) cutting width


Configures with standard flow or high-flow hydraulic machines


Attaches and detaches easily to your skid-steer / compact track loader to add versatility and productivity to your existing asset

Powerful Mulching Drum

Ideal for large mulch and brush management applications.

Drum mulchers get their name from the cylindrical, drum-like shape. These heavy-duty land clearing mulchers attach to skid loaders and shred small trees and brush with a forward spinning motion — a quality that makes them great options for quick brush and undergrowth removal.

  • Proprietary helical tooth pattern modeled after a vacuum brush to feed material efficiently toward the center of the drum
  • 2-Speed Variable Displacement Piston Motor protected within low profile frame for maximum productivity and visibility
  • Drum shell shaped to mulch material effectively
  • Depth control rings to control bite size
Skid-Steer Mulcher Drum

Mulching Tooth Options for the SK Drum Mulcher DC Pro X

Tough jobs call for tough equipment options. The SK Drum Mulcher DC Pro X from Diamond Mowers has three powerful mulching tooth options to meet your project demands. The DC Pro X comes standard with Twin Chisel® Planer Teeth. You can customize your tooth options to best suit your application.

TWIN CHISEL® PLANER TEETH combine simple upkeep with outstanding efficiency. Made with hardened steel, they let you quickly access the cutting edge for rapid sharpening that translates into optimal output. Also, the easy rotation of the Twin Chisel® offers a direct path to a longer life span.

Ideal for:
– High-volume jobs
– Soft soil applications
– Sporadic contact with the ground
– Easy, quick maintenance


FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH turn your skid-steer into an ax-wielding workhorse. Outfitting our powerful mulching drum with these teeth lets you conquer more material at once for maximum productivity. Regular sharpening and rotation ensure consistent performance and longer use.

Choose this option for:
– Jobs requiring finer mulching
– High-production projects
– Applications with less ground contact
– Jobs with soft soils

TWIN MAUL® CARBIDE TEETH don’t need upkeep and extend your investment’s life span up to five times longer than steel. Crafted with the finest virgin carbide, these teeth offer exceptional abrasion resistance in jobs with significant ground contact.

Diamond Mowers sources only the finest, domestically produced virgin carbide for exceptional abrasion resistance and jobs with significant ground contact.

Best suited for:
– Rental equipment
– Fewer maintenance requirements
– Rocky surfaces
– Fire-prone environments

Watch our video on Drum Mulchers Mulching Teeth Options & Maintenance. For more information on our different types of mulching teeth, visit our mulching teeth options page.

Easy Operation

Drum forward design.

  • Total attachment depth comparable to a loader bucket for ease of operation

Standard Bucket Depth Comparison

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      Skid-Steer Attachment Compatibility

      Diamond Mowers skid-steer attachments are compatible with most skid-steer brands, so many of our customers can use their existing machines to get the job done. Compatible skid loader brands include but are not limited to: John Deere | Bobcat | Kubota | Caterpillar | Gehl | ASV
      Our drum mulcher can accommodate most standard and high-flow skid loaders (23-45 GPM).
      For more information about product compatibility, please contact our skid-steer specialists.
      Minimum ½” thick polycarbonate operator protection required. Some applications may require additional protection.

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