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At Diamond Mowers, our goal is to get customers up and running as quickly as possible. This includes making our entire process – from diagnosis to repair and reimbursement – easy for our dealers. Rather than being buried in paperwork and slowing things down, Diamond offers a “No Documentation Warranty Process” to help uphold our commitment to keep you moving.

* All Diamond’s Drum products come with a 2-YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY.

* All Diamond’s products (excluding Drum products) come with a 1-YEAR PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY.


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The “No Documentation Warranty Process” is simple:

  1. Call Diamond at 888.960.0364 to start a claim. Make this call before starting any repairs.
  2. A Diamond representative will work with your service department to diagnose the problem.
  3. Diamond will authorize the repair, ship the parts, and provide flat-rate labor.
  4. Have your technician call Diamond’s warranty team at 888.960.0364 to let us know the repair has been completed successfully.
  5. Diamond will then issue the appropriate credit immediately.

For more information regarding Diamond Mowers’ warranty claim process, contact the warranty department at 888.960.0364, or email warranty@diamondmowers.com.


Warranty for Machinery Attachments at Diamond Mowers

  • These extended warranty terms apply only to the whole good sale and is not applicable to replacement parts.
  • The warranty period starts from the greater of the ship date or warranty registration date.